Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Fw: Prayer Requests - Linda & Harv


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Prayer Requests
Please pray for:
Linda Fong-Farenbaugh

Harv Goldhammer



Update on Linda Wong-Farenbaugh on the cancer warrior list in the bulletin. Thought I'd furnish an update and ask for continued prayers for her comfort a little while longer. 

 Linda is terminal now, in hospice care with IV feeding and hydration; 24 hour in-home care.   She has a morphine pump and is being kept comfortable and pain-free. It is just a matter of weeks now before she will go home to the Lord and she is looking toward that day with peace in her heart. 

 She has a strong faith in the Lord as does her husband and her family. She still naps with her prayer quilt and speaks fondly of her VBS time with us. 

 Thank you everyone for your prayers

 Toni Troya Huth 


 Please pray for Harv Goldhammer, he has been diagnosed with a blood clot in his leg. Please pray that the clot will not move and will dissolve. He has been started on blood thinners and is doing well.


Barbara Goldhammer

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