Friday, September 30, 2011

Peace and Healing

Prayers of peace and healing for a church member that was just diagnosed with classic depression syndrome.  They will be put on medication and begin counseling.  Pray for God to surround with His loving arms and carry through.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Save surgery

Prayers of healing for Bettie Benz' son-in-law, Stephen Comfort.  He has cancer and is having surgery on Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FW: eprayer

My operation is on hold till I lose a substantial amount of weight, and the odds improve. Maybe the weight loss will negate the need for the operation. My dad, Chuck, just went into the hospital in NC with GI bleeding. They performed colon surgery and found nothing. So the hunt is on to find the cause. Please pray that someone can figure it out, this same thing happened last year and after a week in the hospital they sent him home with no explanation of cause. 
Steve Ray

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Healing and comfort

Please pray for our nephew Christopher Kastanos.  We were just informed that he is in intensive care with severe hemorrhaging and they don't know what is causing it.  He is scheduled to get married this next Saturday to Nicole in Michigan.  Keep Nicole and Cindy's brother Bob's family in pray too. 
Dave & Cindy Schultz

Friday, September 23, 2011


Please pray for my cousin Shelia who has just learned that she has lung cancer.  She will have final results Thursday of some additional testing that will determine the course of treatment. Pray for a good result on the Monday test and guide the doctors in their choice of treatment. She is a Christian but don't know if she is in a fellowship at this time.  Pray that she and her husband Joe will find peace and strength knowing that He is by their sides through it all.  God bless you all. 
Love in Jesus, Audrey Ohanesian

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Strength and Comfort

Marlene has been getting stronger each day.  She is up to 100 steps now with a walker.  They say she has to go 150 and be able to maneuver into the bathroom before she can come home.  I am hoping that she will be able to come home by the middle of next week. 
Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes.  Dave


I just received this from my cousin Janet who is on the church prayer list for breast cancer.  I had sent her a photo of the quilters,  she received  a prayer quilt some time ago.

Please pray for full recovery. Frank Mitchell…

The quilters are a fine looking group of women.  How nice to receive the picture today. I have just had my last Radiation treatment.  I understand that I will  still feel the effects of the radiation for a couple of months,  however, the burns will gradually disappear and the CANCER should be all gone.  Bye now

Karla Regnier's mother, Willine was admitted to Kaiser yesterday.  She is getting 3 blood transfusions.  They will run more tests to find out why her blood levels are so low.  Prayers for strength and comfort.

Healing and Comfort

Please pray for my former Office Manager and friend, Honnie.  She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing radiation. Pray for peace in her anxiety and complete remission and healing.  God bless you all.  Love in Jesus, Audrey Ohanesian

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Care and comfort

Prayers for Karla Regnier's mother, Willine Watson, she is being taken to Kaiser due to difficulty breathing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Please pray for a friend of mine, Neal Christensen. He has blood clots in his legs and lungs. Also pray for his cousin, Joan Stone, terninal with cancer.
Thanks, Jan Curler

Prayers of healing and strength for JoAnn Diaz (co-workers wife of Paul Schultz) as she battles her re-occurring cancer.  May the Lord strengthen her and her family as she once again must endure the treatments involved.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Prayers for Jacquelyn Riley (Jan Curler's granddaughter)  she will meet with her boss this morning to find out if she will be re-instated. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thanks and concerns

Gloria had her oncology appointment today and she is doing well.

She now waits for her radiation to begin.  She will need 5 or 6 weeks and should be complete by mid-November.

We daily thank God and thank all for all your prayers and well wishes.


After 3 weeks Marlene has finally gone to rehab.  She is still at St Rose just another area.  Today, aided by a PT, she was able to walk about 12 steps.  That is really good compared to a couple of days ago.  Don't know how long she will be there but I suspect it will be at least another week.  Her sister is leaving tomorrow.  She has been a big help.  Again, thanks for your prayers.  I am really looking forward to her coming home. 



My sister Pat did not receive the news we hoped to hear at the doctor yesterday.  All the lumps removed had cancer cells and it has spread to her lymph nodes. She will have a mastectomy and chemotherapy.  No dates have been set yet.

Please pray for strength and comfort for her and wisdom for all the doctors who will be treating her.  

Thank you.   Gloria Day

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Healing and Helping

Please pray for Dorothy who will have surgery on her knee Thursday, Sept. 15.  Pray that all goes well and that there is no cancer. 

Also, volunteers needed Oct. 1-7 to help run Scholastic Book Fair.  Great way for church families to meet Calvary students and families.  Call Cindy in the school office if you're available.  278-2598 or email  Thank you

For good results

My sister Pat has an appointment with the doctor today for the results of her lumpectomy.  Please continue to pray for negative results.

Gloria Day   Thank you. 


Prayers of peace and comfort for Jane and Richard Atthowe at the passing of Jane's brother.  Richard is an 8th grade student here at Calvary and had grown close to his Uncle after the passing of his father a couple years ago. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FW: eprayer update

Update from Steve Ray:

I'm alive ( at least for a little  longer )  Stanford was able to duplicate the 70.75 mm measurement of my aorta, but they said it was a "shift" in the aorta, not an expansion from the scan of June 2011 measuring 63.64mm. These were done with 2D scanners and Stanford is confirming with the 3D scan. (results @ the end of the week).True this is quite larger than the normal 40.00mm aorta, but does not necessitate an operation with a 30-50% success rate and a 20% paralysis rate. (Need to hook the arteries back up to the spine). The severe pain I experience under my left shoulder is when the shift expands due to elevated blood pressure and abrade my back rib cage. I now have to get a BP cuff to monitor blood pressure. Could have been worse-they prescribe more pills. The worse news they gave me is that I have to go on a diet. Dr Miller said to cut out chocolate, then I reminded him my wife works for Ghiradelli Chocolate. ( That's what maintains this wonderful figure of mine).


Prayers for William Marshall, brother of Jane Atthowe and uncle of Richard Atthowe (CLS student)--William recently suffered a pulmonary aneurism; please pray for wisdom for the doctors and strength and peace for the family in the days ahead.

Called Home with her prayer quilt

Sunday morning my best friend's mom, Marian, was called home to her Lord.  She was wrapped in the quilt when she went home, thanks be to God for His grace!
Bill Martchenke

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Continued prayers of healing for Tiffany Contier's friends father that was in motor cycle accident.  There is a lot of fluid build up around the brain and another surgery was done today.  The family is very concerned.
Also, Steve Ray will be having a consultation and testing on Monday, September 12 at Stanford Hospital.  It looks like he will need major surgery again on his aorta.  He will find out if this is possible and the risk involved at that time. 

Friday, September 9, 2011


Prayers for Marlene Mueller as she continues to recover.  Recovery has been very slow.  Pray for her to be encouraged and for her spirits to be lifted.  Pray for the family as they are by her side to support and encourage.

Prayers of healing for Adolph Stafne.  As of yesterday he was doing ok.  They put a temporary cath. near his aorta for dialysis and hope to try and put another port in his other arm at a later date.  Prayers of strength for the family as they go through this process with Adolph.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Prayers of healing for Van Deckert who once again has inflamation and an infection in his leg.  Also for his cousin's Aunt Alice who lives in VA.  She's lost over 50lbs. in the last two months and the doctors are not sure what is causing this.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pray for Adolph

Adolph Stafne was readmitted into San Leadro Hospital; apparently he had lost over 3 liters of blood.  Prayers of healing and comfort for Adolph and family.

Healing and Comfort

Prayers of healing and comfort for Van Deckert's, aunt's neighbor, Lori.  She has back issues and has been in and out of the hospital. 
Please pray for Jim Lachenmyer, the father of Tiffany Contier's friend.  He was in a terrible motorcycle accident on May 6.  He is very slowly recovering and has undergown many brain surgeries.  He just recognized his daughter yesterday and has improved faster than expected and is fighting, but it has been a very slow process.  Pray for a full recovery and for the daughter to remain strong and patient and encouraged by his progress so far.

Thanksgiving and Comfort

Please pray for Nick Botelho, a 25 year old high school classmate of Jennifer, who is in the final stages of cancer.  He is saved, but still needs prayers of strength to endure this final chapter of his life and prayers for his family.   Dave & Cindy Schultz


Please pray for Dorothy, an Indiana friend of the Schroers, just diagnosed with a potentially cancerous mass on her knee.  Pray that she gets a second opinion before she has the surgery, that the surgery goes well and that she is free of cancer.


Just a quick update on Marlene.  Kidneys function improving, swelling mostly gone, still on pain meds and antiboitics.  Started Physical Therapy on Monday.  Had a hard time getting her out of bed.  Yesterday she was able to move from bed to chair with help and even stood for a minute.  Doctors continue to say she is doing OK, but it will be a longer recovery time.  Her sister Gloria is flying in today from NM so I'm hoping that will perk her up.  Thanks again for your prayers.  Dave

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hi all, previously I had asked for prayer for Raeanne Esparza, (Rebecca Esparza's sister in law) She had a lumpectomy and they got everything and the pathology came back good. No cancer!  She has had some excess bleeding which they took care of, and will be going into rehab/assist just to make sure all is OK. Thanks for all your prayers.
God is good! Jan Curler


Please pray for the passing of my good friend Glorian who's son Rick passed away this past week from Lung Cancer. Pray for peace and healing for her and her family. Thank you, Lisa Ghiselli

Friday, September 2, 2011

Successful surgery

My sister Pat's surgery was delayed and she did not get into the OR until 6PM.  The doctor was able to take all 3 lumps with one incision and another incision to remove 3 sentinel lymph nodes.  She is home and resting today.  She should hear from the doctor next week regarding the pathology reports.  Please continue to pray for complete healing, a quick recovery and negative results on the test.
She loves her prayer quilt and sleeps with it at night.
Thank you.
Gloria Day

Thursday, September 1, 2011

For favorable diagnosis

Prayers for Lydiana Sanchez, our bookkeeper.  She will be having an ultrasound next Weds. on her liver.  Pray for good results and your comforting hand as she awaits a diagnosis.

Thanks and Praise

Gloria did not get into surgery until after 2 PM yesterday and the doctor came to see me around 5:30PM.  The surgeon said it went well and we will find out in a week or so if anymore surgery is needed.  Thanks for all your prayers and for God's mercy and grace.
Gloria needs to take it easy for a while but looks like a full recovery is expected. 
Blessings  Pastor Gary