Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chest pains

Prayers of healing for Bryan Jones, Jan Curler's son-in-law.  He has been experiencing chest pain and has an appt. at 2:30pm with the cardiologist.

Strength and Healing

Prayers for our Spanish teacher Cecilia Guerra's mother who just experienced a stroke and is being transported to the hospital.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Prayers of healing for Linda Manrique's brother-in-law, Dale.  He left yesterday for the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and will be there for at least a month.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Please pray for my great grandson Josiah.  He will be having heart surgery next Tuesday, May 1st in San Francisco. 
Thank you, Judi Molini

Moving, Peace, and Thanksgiving

In case no one else heard this from Louise Woodard, I thought I would let you know.  Louise wrote me on April 3 that she was just leaving a month of rehab for a broken left hip and injured  left shoulder from a fall on March 1st.


She was moving on April 6, she hopes for the last time, to a senior citizens home.  Louise says it is nice and light with windows all around with a balcony deck.  Her address there is:


Louise Woodard

Gold Quarta Inn, Rm. 201

15 Bryson Dr.

Sutter Creek, CA 95685


Please pray for freedom from pain and His peace in adjusting to her new home.  


Also, a prayer of praise and thanksgiving as our son John and one of those he supervises have been offered permanent positions as of June 1 with Oracle, the company that bought Taleo. (They do not know at this time how many employees have been offered positions.)

Finally, a prayer of praise and thanksgiving as my cardiac stress test results were normal.

Thank you all for your prayers. 

Love in Jesus, Audrey Ohanesian

Spirit and Calmness

Please pray for my daughter, Carrie, who is very depressed.  The move to Chicago last year has been very hard on her and she feels very alone.  Norma Smith

Also, prayers for Leah Aguilar who just found out that her uncle now needs open heart surgery.  Prayers of peace and a calmness as she goes through this difficult time first with her dad and now her uncle. Prayers of healing for all!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Peace and Comfort

Prayers of peace and comfort for the family of Jackie Stockton.  Jackie passed away on March 30 after a nine year battle with cancer.

Andrea Aldridge (Jackie's daughter)
619 Momar Lane
Escondido, CA  92027

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tests and choices

Please pray for normal results as I have an ultrasound test early Thursday morning.  Continue to pray for my new nurse friend who is busy looking for a position that the Lord would lead her to either with elder care or hospice.
(I still have not heard from my doctor about the stress test--I see him a week from Wednesday so I guess I will hear then.)  Thanks for your prayers dear Christian friends.
Love in Jesus, Audrey Ohanesian

Wellness and Healing

Prayers of peace and healing for Emma Vu, a Calvary 1st Grader who was hospitalized on Sunday for uncontrollable vomiting. 
As of now, things are under control and Emma should be home in 1-2 days.  Doctor's are still running tests to find out what caused this. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Peace and Comfort

Prayers of peace and comfort for the Mitchell family, Harry Mitchell (Frank's father) passed away around 3pm.  He would have been 91 years old in two days.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Prayers of peace and comfort for for Frank Mitchell's father, Harry.  He was put in Hospice Care today.  May the Lord surround and comfort the whole family as they go through this process together.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Prayers for a successful surgery for Carole Adams as she has an outpatient procedure done Friday morning at 9:30am.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thanksgiving and Healing

Prayers of thanksgiving, Pat Mankiller is doing better.  They drained fluid from her lungs and heart.  She is suppose to come home today.

Thanksgiving and Concern

Prayers of praise and thanksgiving, my husband returns to work today after being on disability for ten months.  Please pray for his safety as he his apprehensive about climbing poles for fear of re-injury. 
Thank you.  Holly Contier

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Healing and wisdom

Praise God, Phillip came home Thursday night.  Thank you all for your prayers, cards, and visits. Thank you Prayer Quilt Ministry for the beautiful Prayer Quilt.  It has brought much comfort to know that you all care so much.  Keep him in your prayers as he continues to heal.

Love in Jesus,

Prayers of healing for Pat Mankiller who is back in the hospital and wisdom for the doctors as they treat her.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Comfort and Healing

Prayers of healing and comfort for Frank Mitchell's father.  He fell and was taken to the hospital for a possible broken hip.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Prayer Need

Unspoken prayer need for Angela Garcia, a preschool parent- that she and her family will feel God's hand over some upcoming events.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peace and Comfort

Prayers of peace and comfort for a Calvary Student, Victoria Geter and her family; they are dealing with a sudden loss of a loved one.


Prayers of healing for Pat Mankiller, she was admitted to the hospital a few days ago for fluid on her heart.

Healing and comfort

Prayers for my neighbor, Eric Anderson, who had a stroke a week ago Monday.  His short term memory was impacted; his motor skills are good and he is able to communicate.  While in the hospital they discovered he has inoperable lung cancer.  The doctors are hoping through chemo, they will be able to reduce or eliminate.  Prayers for complete healing from the stroke and for the lung cancer.  Prayers for the family as they go through this difficult time.


Thank you
Norma Smith

Wisdom and healing

Prayers for Jose Ocampo (Leah Aguilar's father), he had a hypertensive stroke.  Prayers for wisdom for the doctors and comfort and strength for Jose and family as they go through this scary time.

Healing and Guidance

Please pray for 15-yr. old Noah who has recently been diagnosed with blood that is not producing platelets.  He cannot take part in sports and will bruise and bleed with even a slight bump.  He will be seen by a Mayo Clinic specialist at the end of April.  Please pray for a positive solution and freedom from fear for the family.
Our friend Stewart suffered a stroke a month ago; he made good progress in his recovery but is now declining so that his wife cannot care for him on her own.  Pray for his recovery and for directions for the family on how to proceed with his care, home health care or an nursing home.
Howard and Darlene Goldhammer


Jacob had his surgery early this morning (about 3 am) and everything went fine.  We are waiting to see how long he must remain in the hospital.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers.
The Ellis family

Prayers of healing for Phil Caspersen, he had surgery yesterday to have 4 stones removed from his liver.  We are praying that they were the cause of his fever and that he will hopefully be home in two days.


Please keep Jacob Ellis in prayer. He is having surgery to have his appendix removed. Pray for the surgery to go as planned and that he has a quick and easy recovery. Thank you for your prayers.
Sandy Silva