Thursday, February 28, 2013

Surgeries and thanksgivings

Postage Stamps


Prayers for upcoming surgery.  Please keep Holly Contier and Jan Curler in your prayers, they will be undergoing surgery on Tuesday and Monday respectively.

Prayers for health, healing and travels. 

"Please say prayers for my step-sister Terry in Washington.  She has been dealing with an infection for over a year and will have her foot amputated this morning due to diabetes.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and complete healing for her. 


My sister Barbara will be traveling to Washington next Tuesday for 10 days to help out.  Please pray for safe travel for her" - Gloria Day

Prayers of praise and thanksgiving as my husband John came home from the hospital yesterday.  He was treated with antiotics for pneumonia and sinunitis.  He needs to regain his strength. His memory did not regress too much.  Thank you all for your concern and prayers.  Love in Jesus, Audrey Ohanesian


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recent Eprayer Updates - Feb 23

Prayer of thanksgiving for my sister-in-law Clara.  The cardiologist is not concerned about the blood clot as long as she stays on her meds. 
Thank you
Audrey Ohanesian

My husband John was taken by ambulance to Eden Emergency last evening.  He was unable to get out of bed and I thought perhaps it was a stroke.  He has an infection showing up in abnormal white blood cell count so they will be doing more testing to determine where the infection is and the exact meds.  This can affect an Alzheimer patient's cognitive skills.  Pray they will quickly find the correct antibiotic so he can come home in a couple of days. 
Love in Jesus for your prayers,
Audrey Ohanesian

Heather's friend Stephanie Fesmire gave birth this afternoon to a baby boy.  He was not breathing but they were able to resuscitate him. He is currently in NICU.
Please say prayers for mom and baby.
Thank you,
Gloria Day

Rev. Dr. John P. Uhlig Called to Glory
(July 1, 1913 - February 15, 2013) 

Rev. Dr. John P. Uhlig, pastor emeritus, Redeemer, Redwood City, CA, and former CNH District Executive Director, passed away today.  A memorial service will be held at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 468 Grand Street, Redwood City, CA, on Friday, February 22, at 1 pm.  Pastor Uhlig was residing in Carlsbad, CA.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

E-Prayer and Info - Holly Contier and Jan Curler Curler

Postage Stamps Greetings!
Please keep Holly Contier and Jan Curler in your prayers.

Jan is awaiting a date for her upcoming surgery (and Thanking God that the Doctor's feel that it can wait a short time).

Holly is in the hospital (Kaiser Hayward) for tests and a diagnosis.  Early results showed that she did NOT have a stroke this morning as was initially feared.  Praise God for swiftly answered prayers.  Prayers are sought for wisdom for the Doctors in diagnosis and in healing and strength.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Healing and Strength

We are requesting prayers for healing for our son, Jason.  He has been battling severe back pain for several weeks.  Pray for relief from pain and full and complete healing so he can return to work and "normal" life.
Barbara Goldhammer

Prayers of healing for Trevor Contier, we just found out that he has mono.  He's not been feeling himself since about Thanksgiving.  After a couple of blood tests, they've finally diagnosed him.  Also, could I ask you to continue to pray for my healing and energy.  I've been able to work a little longer each day, but it seems like a slow process. 
Thank you,
Holly Contier (I'm so thankful for my Calvary family and all the meals, cards and prayers- you are truly AMAZING!)


Prayers of healing for Annie's sister Glo. She was taken to the ER Thursday morning by ambulance.  she was in so much pain that she could not even get into a car to be driven to the hospital.  They did a CT scan and determined that she has a partial bowel obstruction.  She also has an e-Coli infection in her kidney.  Please pray that the infection will clear up, that they will be able to remove the obstruction, and that they will be able to relieve her pain.
Thank you,
The Ellis family

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peace and Comfort, Dr's Wisdom

Prayers of peace and comfort for Jodi and son, Kyle Pusich for the loss of mother/grandmother, Terry this morning. 
(school family)

Prayers for Jan Curler who will have her angiogram tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tests and Healing

Talked to Jan Curler last night and she requested Prayer. Jan will be having an MRI on Wednesday or Thursday and an angiogram on Friday the results will let the Drs. know what the next step will be.




Prayers of healing for my cousin Shelia.  You prayed for her during her times of treatment for lung cancer.  Her husband Joe took her to emergency on Sunday evening.  She is in CCU with pneumonia and they are bringing up her oxygen level.

Thank you and love in Jesus,

Audrey Ohanesian

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My friend Carrie's mother, Jean Parker is going in for surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) to close up a hole in her intestines which is called a fistula.  Her mother had a hernia a long time ago and the mesh that the doctor used during her operation got intertwined in her intestine, creating a hole. Please pray that the operation is successful, as this is the second hole. Please pray for comfort and peace for Jean and her daughter Carrie and all the family involved. 
Thank you!  Love in Christ,

Bethany Chhom

Monday, February 11, 2013

Healing and Dr's Wisdom

Calvary Lutheran Church 



Calvary Lutheran Church & School
17200 Via Magdalena
San Lorenzo, California 94580

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Breathing problems


Month Year

Please keep Betty Bensen's Great-Granddaughter, Age 2months, in your prayers tonight, she has been hospitalized with trouble breathing.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Praise and Thanksgiving

Calvary E-Prayer

Feb 7, 2013

We offer prayers of praise and thanksgiving for Ashley who is slowly recovering from the flu and for Holly who is now home from the hospital and recuperating.

May we be as swift to Praise God for our blessings as we are to seek Him in times of trouble.

Join us Sunday for and prepare by reading Nehemiah 4!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Healing Mercies


Dear Vanessa,

Please keep Holly Contier in your prayers.  She is hospitalized and will be undergoing tests in the morning.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Kelly

Monday, February 4, 2013

Relief and Healing

Please pray for our great-niece, Ashley Goldhammer.  She is hospitalized in ICU in South Dakota since Wednesday with Influenza A, and double pnemonia.  She is a young, single mother.  Please pray for full and complete healing and no more complications.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors and comfort and peace for the family. 
Barbara Goldhammer (this came in on Saturday, so I will update ASAP)

Also, please keep Cindy Suppus in prayer, she is in a lot of pain with her back.  Pray for pain to subside and for healing.