Friday, September 28, 2012

Comfort and Travel Mercies

Please pray for my cousin Mike Doyle, in Denver, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  His best option is complicated surgery with a long recovery.  
Doug Henry

Travel mercies for Frank Mitchell II who is hoping to arrive home in time for Adolph's services.  He is currently trying to get a flight out of Kuwait.


Prayers of praise, Briana De La Mater (CLS parent) is home.  The procedure went well.  Prayers for healing.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Job, Adolph's Service, Surgery

Please pray again for my nurse friend Dawnielle who still has not found a nursing position since graduating and receiving her RN.  She is now being considered for a school nurse position in the Antioch School District. Pray that He will lead her where she should be. She and I thank you so very much for your prayers.
Audrey Ohanesian

Regarding Adolph's Services...."Our cousins Debbie and Pam will be coordinating all the food for the reception on Monday... if you'd like to help with a food item please give them a call at 510-522-1413...thanks for your assistance and blessings always...
The Stafne girls <3

Please pray for Briana De La Mater who will be having a surgical procedure in Sacramento at 9:30am.  Pray for a safe and complete procedure.  Wisdom for the doctors.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adolph Staphne

Just received some additional info on Adolph Staphne....  There will be a viewing at Santos-Robinson in San Leandro on Sunday from noon to 4pm.  Service will be at St Peters on Monday at 10am followed by interment followed by luncheon. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Please pray for our neighbor Ann Olds, she has been suffering from severe back problems.  One surgery did not solve the problem and she is now facing the possibility of another surgery.  Pray for relief from pain, for guidance in making a decision regarding the surgery and for wisdom, knowledge and skill for the doctors treating her.
Thanks, Barbara Goldhammer

Prayers of peace and healing for Briana De La Mater, a CLS mom who will be having a surgical procedure done on Thursday.  Pray for a successful procedure and for complete healing.

Praise, Thanksgiving, and Comfort

Prayers of praise and thanksgiving from Frank Mitchell..."Our God is an AWESOME God!!  Maria had her appt today to recheck lump on her breast, and there is NO sign of the lump!  Thank you all for the prayers!!"  Frank

Prayers of peace and comfort for the Stafne family, Adolph passed away a little while ago.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Driving Test

Gisela Binder's driving test was rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:30am.  She's passed the written test and is asking for prayers for the driving test.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Test result concerns

Prayers for Maria Mitchell- she has a lump on her breast that will be tested on Sept. 25.

Safe Delivery and Health

Prayers for Jan & Gene Curler's grand daughter, Jacquelyn.  She is 8 weeks pregnant.  Her first 2 pregnancies she miscarried.  Pray for her health and the babies.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Comfort and Healing, Dean's Passing

Please keep in prayer a women named Rose (my future son-in-law, David's, sister-in law). She is in her fifties and had a major stroke about 2 years ago. Since then she has had multiple strokes. We don't have all the details at present, but have been told she is in a coma like state. They are concerned she may not make it. Please pray for God's healing touch for Rose. Also, keep her family in your prayers. Especially her husband and children. May God surround them all with His love, strength, mercy, and comfort. 

Thank you, Sandy Silva


Prayers of healing for Mary Dorr's sister, she fell and injured both of her knees.  Will be going in Tuesday for replacement/repair of both knees.  Prayers for successful treatment.

Please pray for our friend Barbara, who lives in South Dakota.  She fell and broke her hip and is now in rehab, but recovery is a struggle.  Please pray for wisdom and direction for the doctors, all those who care for her and her husband. (She and her husband were mentors to Howard through his teen-age years.)


Please continue to pray for our 15-year old friend Noah, whose platelets have again fallen to 50.  He has once again been taken off all sports.  A week ago he had another new aggressive treatment which only worked for a very short time.  Pray for wisdom and direction for the doctors and encouragement for Noah, his family and extended family, who are all struggling with the situation. 

Howard and Darlene Goldhammer


Prayers of peace and comfort for the family of Dean Balk.  Dean went home to be with our Lord yesterday.  (I have no info yet on service arrangements)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Please keep Gisela Binder in prayer, she takes her drivers test tomorrow morning at 10:40am...pray for her to not be anxious and for the Lord to be with her.


Prayers of peace and comfort for the family of Esther Cranford (Joyce & Phil's neighbor).  Esther passed away on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thanksgiving and healing

Prayers of praise for Jan Curler's son-in-law, Brian.  His testing went well and his numbers were below 35 so NO pacemaker was needed. 

Also, Jan's neighbor, Richard Cole is at Stanford Hospital receiving chemotherapy for his leukemia, prayers of healing and comfort.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Comfort and Healing

Prayer requests from Jan Curler:

Jan's son-in-law Brian Jones will be tested at Medford Hospital, Oregon on Monday for a pacemaker.  If the #'s are under 35 he will not need one.  Pray for Brian to not be anxious and for him to call on the Lord in his time of fear.  (pray for the #'s to be under 35).

Prayers of peace and comfort for Jan's 76 year old neighbor, Richard Cole, who was diagnosed 2 months ago with terminal Leukemia.  He is now hospitalized with a severe infection - doctor's don't know what is causing it.  Richard's wife has Alzheimer's and is having difficulty with this situation.


On Wednesday, mom had any ECG and they found a small area on her mitral valve that could be an infection, blot clot, or small tumor.  She was not experiencing any symptoms of infection, so they put her on a strong blood thinner.  Yesterday she had a lower abdomen CAT Scan and there were no anomalies found.  This morning they did a ECG through her esophagus and they found that the spot had disappeared.  It was likely a blood clot that has been dissolved by the strong blood thinners.  They are going to switch her to Coumadin and she will likely need to be on that for a day before they will release her, so there is a chance that she could come home tomorrow sometime.  We still do not have a definitive answer as to what she experienced on Monday morning that started her trip to the hospital, it could have been related to her Parkinson's or it could have been a small stroke.  The MRI she had done while in the hospital indicated that she had had several small strokes in the past.  We would like to thank everyone for all their prayers and support this past week while mom has been in the hospital.


The Ellis family

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Healing and Comfort


Rosalie Ellis is still in the hospital, doctors are still running tests.  Continued prayers of healing and wisdom for the doctors.

Dean Balk is about the same.  He's hard to communicate with because he's not wearing his hearing aids.  Prayers for peace and comfort.

Healing and Calmness

Please continue to pray for our friend Noah, 15 years old, who is suffering from a blood malfunction.  His body is not producing platelets.  Recently, through a special treatment, his platelets went to 230,000, which is normal.  Then tested this past Monday, they had drastically dropped to 90,000.  Today they have dropped again, this time to 50.  His family is really downcast to say the least.  He feels fine and has all through the past months the problem has been ongoing.  He has once again been restricted from all sports.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and show him and his whole family how to cope.

Howard and Darlene Goldhammer



Please pray for healing and calmness for my neighbor, Joanne Goodwin, who has been diagnosed with horrible vertigo.  She spent all day Wed. at her home dizzy, nauseous and vomiting for HOURS, waiting for me to return home from my trip to So. Cal. because she was too afraid to call the Dr.  She lives alone and didn't want to go to the hospital without me.  I took her to Kaiser ER, she is being treated by a wonderful Dr who has kept her for the night to give the medicine time to work and hopefully improve her condition.  Please pray for Joanne to find faith and trust in the Lord, that he is always by her side no matter what,  and that she is never really alone.   

Love in Jesus, Toni Troya

Healing and Encouragement

Prayers of healing and encouragement for Lynne Jackson (Calvary school parent).  She has been having health problems for a while and is on several different medications.  Doctors are unsure of what's causing her high blood pressure and weight loss.  Lynne is now on a medical leave from work and is also taking care of her elderly parents as well as being wife and mom.  May the Lord surround her with His loving arms of peace and grant wisdom to the doctors.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Travel mercies, healing, and thanksgiving

Prayers for safe travel for Pastor Kelly Smith and his wife Pamela who will be flying out to visit Calvary on Sept. 12-15.

Also, prayers of praise.... Michael Caspersen has returned to work.  Prayers for continually healing.

Prayers of healing for Kevin Pye who is recovering from a knee surgery last Tuesday. 

Prayers of healing for Ron Contier who pulled a muscle last week at work and is out of work for the week to heal.  Pray for his wife to be patient, loving and compassionate

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pray for acceptance

Pastor Kelly Smith received our Call Documents on Saturday.  Pray that the Lord leads him to follow His will and that the Lord would guide him to be our Pastor.

Comfort, healing, praise

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Gil Quezada (my Father-in-law) passed away peacefully in his sleep last Wednesday (8/26/12) evening at 7:52 p.m.  His wife Pat is devastated, as are Daisy and Sophia.  Thank you for all your prayers.
Dian Smith

Prayers of healing for Rosalie Ellis.  She was taken to the Eden ER yesterday morning with seizure-like symptoms.  Annie found her at the sink tightly gripping the counter top and swaying her head back and forth not able to respond to questions, etc.  Annie & dad called 911 and they took her to Eden.  By the time the paramedics arrived she seemed to be over the worst of it and she was able to walk to the gurney with assistance from the paramedics.  They took x-rays, did a CAT scan, blood work, etc.  The CAT scan did not show anything unusual.  Today she will be having an MRI and an EEG.  We would ask for prayers that the doctors would be able to find the cause of what happened on Monday morning and also would be able to adjust her medications so that she will feel better once she is home. 

Thank you,  The Ellis family


Prayers of praise for  Gisela Binder…her eye appt went well, and she does not need cataract surgery.  The doctor said if she sees as well as she did during the office visit, that she should have no problem passing her upcoming driver's license appt.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Healing and Comfort

Please keep my little cousin Danille in your prayers...They found more spots on her lungs and this is the latest update. We just got a call from the Dr. today. He went over her CT scan more with the radiologist this week. It's not 2 spots it's 4, one of them is for sure tumor cancer in her lungs, the 3 other spots he's gonna watch. Mom and Dad are stressed and worried (of course). Please pray for them as well. 
Blessings and Thank You  Christina Grace