Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thanksgiving and comfort

Update on Melody, she came home from the hospital on Monday. Other than a headache, she sounds great. Jose' will be at home to take care of her this week she, is in good hands! Please continue Prayers for Melody and the family as she continues to recuperate. God is so great in answering our Prayers!
Praise the Lord, Marlene Mueller


Please pray for Liz Mullins, she is a close family friend of my cousin Maggie.  Last night Liz's mother committed suicide. When I have more information I will pass it along. 

Thanks.  Van Deckert


Please continue to pray for my dad, Lester Coolbeth. His one lung had an infection and was full of liquid and he could not breathe. Thankfully the biopsies on the liquid were negative for cancer. Unfortunately the lung did not re-inflate after being drained, so he only has one lung now. Please pray that both his lungs will heal. He made it home safely with his wife, driving their RV from Anchorage, Alaska back to their home in Ocala, Florida. He went to the lung specialist this afternoon and was directly admitted back into the hospital. He still has some pockets of infection on and around his lung, so they will be doing surgery on him but I don't know when. They will go in on his side and clean the area and scrape the lung to remove these pockets of infection. The doctor said this was the main priority, but he does have some other tests plus an echocardiogram scheduled. Please pray for my dad to be patient, as he can't do much at all without feeling out of breath. He is a strong man who has to be busy all the time. It's hard for me to be so far away from him. I love him very, very much.

Love in Jesus,  Cindy Strom

Monday, July 30, 2012

Comfort at passing

Prayers of peace and comfort for Karla Regnier and family and friends... Karla's brother died suddenly of a heard attack (3 weeks ago to the day, Karla's mother, Willene died.)  May the Lord surround this family with His loving arms.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I went to check on Anna Beasely this morning and found out from a neighbor that she passed away on Tuesday.  They had transferred her out of Kaiser rehap to Sacramento to be closer to family and apparently had a stroke and passed away.  No funeral has been planned. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thanksgiving and hope

Thank you all so much for your Prayers, Melody came through surgery fine. Jose' was just going into recovery to see her! I will send updates.
Marlene Mueller

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thanks and Blessings

"I read the last e-prayer for Melody and I thought I should explain the statement on the visiting.... It's not that Melody doesn't want visitors, it's only that she is going to be there 2 to 4 days to recover unless there are complications and that's why we are praying for  her surgery to go well as God has planned it. My wife loves and needs all the people of God to know what's going on with her health and the great need of prayer. I want to thank the family of God at Calvary for all their prayers and help we have received.---- My wife is having a brain tumor removed on the right side of her brain and this is her 2nd time with brain surgery. This tumor has been treated with targeting radiation and with all the treatments she has had, her brain has swollen to the point of shifting over to the other half of her brain which causes her not to function in a normal way. I hope this will bring us (Gods people) to pray more to the specifics in need of prayer. we love you in Christ and we will keep you informed of the outcome."

Thank you in Jesus name,


Prayers of peace and comfort for the family of Wanda Grimm.  Wanda went home to the Lord on Monday after a long battle with cancer.  Services will be held in Michigan.

Prayers of peace and comfort for Louise Woodard whose son, John passed away on Saturday.
(call church office for contact info - 510-278-2555)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Healing and Strength

Please Pray for Melody Saldate' as she will be having brain surgery on Friday at 12:30. She will be at the hospital all day tomorrow for pre-op.  After surgery, Melody prefers not to have visitors. 
Thanks, Marlene Mueller


Thanks to all friends and family praying for Jacob. He LOVES his prayer quilt and immediately on bringing it home to him on Sunday he wrapped himself up in it and seemed so content to be covered in prayer! He's doing much better! He still feels  weak and nauseated but was able to fully participate in our San Diego vacation trip which was alot of walking in the heat, something he would not have been able to do a month ago, and such a blessing to see him be able to enjoy the family time. His blood test was back to normal as far as the lymphocytes/neutrophils ratio, but his WBC were still a bit low. Overall we will chalk this up to an unknown virus, and continue to pray that he continues to improve in these last weeks of summer so that he can get back to normal by the time school starts again. He's been working really hard on all the make-up work from the last quarter of school he missed. I cant thank you enough for all your prayers and support!

Anne Ellis

Strength and Comfort


Peace and Comfort

MaryLea Adams' brother Ron's life is coming to an end due to Renal failure! She's asked that we Pray for a peaceful passing for him. Please Pray for for all the family.


Prayers of healing and comfort for Jan Curler's friend Richard who was diagnosed with leukemia

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Healing and Comfort

Prayers of healing for Adolph Stafne, he is being taken to Eden Hospital.  Apparently he fell last night and was just found a little while ago.

X-ray on my dad's lung did not turn out as we had hoped. There doesn't seem to be much change. Several things are a concern, the lung is still white, the pocket of air, and something about the shape of the outside of the lung is abnormal. And of course, didn't want to scare us, but there is a possibility of cancer. He and his wife will be headed home to Florida tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers.
Cindy Strom

Douglas Henry
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"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."
- A. Einstein


Fernando Ramos is having a job interview today at 1pm please keep him in your prayers. Pray for peace of mind and the Holy Spirit  to touch his tongue to know what to say and when to say.  
Going in the love of God - Grace Ramos


Please Pray for my friend Melody Saldate' as she has swelling on her brain. The Dr. has  her on steroids to reduce the swelling. If this medication doesn't work, surgery will be necessary!
Thank you,  Marlene Mueller

Please pray for my friend Cindy Garcia.  She has been diagnosed with a disorder that shrinks the blood vessels in her brain.  There is no cure and it isn't reversible but is manageable with medication.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that the medication works.
Thank you. Gloria Day

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Prayers of Thanksgiving for my neighbor, Suzanne, who came thru her 7 hrs of surgery successfully this afternoon. Both surgeons were pleased with the outcome and expect her to heal w/o complications.  She was resting comfortably when I left her last evening. Please pray for the Lord's continued blessings for her quick recovery void of problems.  Love in Jesus, Toni T. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Many requests...

Mabel Stafne will be going in for rotary cup replacement Thursday.  Pray for success.


Prayers of healing for Anna Beasley who had fallen, laid on the floor for sometime, nobody knows how long, and is at Kaiser re-hab in San Leandro.  She is really banged up and looking quite frail. 


Joyce Glock's son Bill requested prayer for coworker Norma Jean Mathews.  She was taken by ambulance from her job to the hospital.  She has a brain tumor , not operable and has been given a short time to live.


Please pray for my dad, Lester Coolbeth. He has been hospitalized while vacationing in Anchorage, Alaska. Dad's been having severe bronchial problems and antibiotics have not been helping him. One lung is completely filled so breathing is very difficult. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and a miracle to heal him.
Love in Jesus,  Cindy Strom


Please pray for my neighbor, Suzanne, who is undergoing a 6+ hr major surgery  this morning, July 11.  Please pray for the Lord's blessing on the surgeon to guide her hands and make all the best decisions as she operates.  Please pray for the Lord's blessing on Suzanne, and for her to feel His comfort as He holds her in His arms during this time.  Blessings, Toni Troya

Prayers of peace and comfort for Karla Regnier and family for the passing of Karla's mom, Willine Watson.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Prayers of healing for friends of Carole Adams:  for Kristen, who is in her 20's and is rejecting God, may the Lord use her circumstances to draw her near-  and for her 2 year old son, Jayden who has sleep apnea and will have surgery on Monday. 


Prayers of encouragement for our VBS team as they are preparing for VBS.  Please pray for what your role in VBS can be this year.  We still need help in some key areas...one being crafts (crafts are already planned for each day, we just need someone to lead crafts daily and organize)