Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Praise and Request

Praise and request
Praise the Lord! our young friend Jack who suffered a major concussion about 3 weeks ago is finally back in school full time and working on a mountain of missed work.  He is still very limited in his activities.
His brother Noah continues to battle his lack of platelets, which have now slipped down to 74,000.  Norm is at least twice that high.  Noah has, by God's grace, maintained an upbeat attitude, but it has now been 9 months and there appears to be no end in sight.  Please continue to pray for these two boys and their family.
Howard and Darlene

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Strength for difficult circumstances

Prayers for strength and peace for school mom, Erica Rowell while she goes through some difficult circumstances during the coming month.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Please pray for Annie's sister Gloria-  She had successful surgery this morning that removed her gall bladder.  Because of her numerous past surgeries it can be very difficult to impossible to operate on her, but the surgery went well without any complications.  Prayers for her to heal quickly and remain infection free and that the removal of her gall bladder will alleviate the issue with her pancreas.   Thank you,

The Ellis's

Feeling Better

Continued prayers of healing for Linnea Greer who is still at Eden, but is feeling better.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Healing for a little one

Please pray for a friend of mine's little boy named Zeke Norris,  He is a 17 month old baby.
They just did surgery to correct tibial pseudoarthrosis. He was born with a bent tibia, then it broke, and would not heal. They put him in a cast for 3 months, then a soft cast to heal the skin.  Since the surgery, he's in a spica cast but he'll switch to a single cast in a month. They got three different opinions from 3 different hospitals and felt this was the best chance for his leg to ever heal. All specialists that they have spoken with have told them that they can do all this and he may still have to have that leg amputated.  Please pray for complete healing. 
Thanks!  Christina Grace

Healing and Encouragement

Prayers of healing for Linnea Greer who is in ICU at Eden Hospital with fluid on her heart.

Please pray for Douglas Young and family.  He is a gentleman that came into the office today, new to the area and looking for a new church family.  Both he, his wife and 24 year old autistic daughter have many health problems and would really like to find a church where there is acceptance and compassion.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Life, and recovery...

I had my baby at 3:30 yesterday;  a healthy girl 8lb 9oz. We are doing really great. Fernando and I are super happy and thank you all for your support and prayers.  God is awesome.
Grace Ramos

Please pray for my 6yr. old grandson {Justin} who had surgery on Monday the 22nd. The Drs.  removed his tonsils, adenoids & bones from his nostrils. Pray for a speedy recovery..
Thanks & God bless, Betty Cooper

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Comfort and Healing

Please pray for our young friend Noah; his blood platelets have dropped badly again.  Please include his family members in your prayers for they are all struggling.  Praise the Lord!  Jack has been able to attend school the last two days for the first time in three weeks.
Howard and Darlene

Mabel Stafne funeral

Saturday, 20 October, 2012
Visitation 1200 - 1600 ... or... 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. which ever you prefer Black heart (cards)
Santos-Robinson Mortuary
160 Estudillo Avenue
San Leandro
Sunday, 21 October 2012
Funeral Service 1500...or...3:00 p.m. Black heart (cards)
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
172 Breed Avenue
San Leandro

Reception to follow immediately after the service Black heart (cards)

If you'd like to help out with the "old fashion" Lutheran pot-luck reception...
please feel free to contact our cousin Deborah at 510-522-1413...
she will be coordinating the reception Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards)

Thanks so much for all your love and support during this eventful season in our lives.
Love and Blessings Always!!!
The Stafne Girls <3<3<3

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peace of mind...

Please pray for Angela Garcia (CLS parent) who is seeking prayers for "peace of mind and for the Lord to provide what is needed for a Nov. 9 Court date."


Mabel Stafne passed away at 7:33pm Monday evening. Please keep the family in Prayer

We will update you with funeral details as soon as we are informed.

Also Lisa Souza's Mother passed away of heart failure Monday morning. Please keep their family in Prayer.

Dave & Marlene

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Prayers of healing for Jacqulyn Riley - she is sick in bed experiencing bad lower back pain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Comfort and Healing

Please pray for two gentlemen with serious health problems.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors, peace of mind  for the two who are sick and their families and complete healing.  Danny has a very rapid, erratic heartbeat; after four treatments to change the condition, nothing has helped and he is suffering.  Gary just had open-heart surgery following a heart attack and is in ICU.  He is also dealing with a weight problem after having gastric-bypass surgery a couple of years ago.
Howard and Darlene

Zion Reformation Tickets...

Zion Piedmont will be having a Reformation Service/ Oktoberfest on October 28.

Reformation Service- 2pm
Oktoberfest- 4pm  ($15 by Oct. 14, $18 after)

Zion Piedmont (510)530-4213  In the past they've required payment in advance

We have only had one person respond, so you must order directly through Zion Piedmont this year, do it soon so you get the discounted rate!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Praise and Thanksgiving

Prayers of praise, Rosalie Ellis is home and Mabel Stafne is being transported back home this afternoon.


Several weeks ago you prayed for a friend Donna who suffered a stroke.  She is still recovering, but a prayer of thanksgiving as she is going to be able to take a long-time planned trip to Washington, D.C. later this month.
Also, continue to pray for her complete recovery which the doctor says could take a year.  Thank you and God bless!
Audrey Ohanesian

Healing and Comfort

Please keep Bernice Hall in Prayer as she suffered a stroke. She is unable to speak and becomes easily agitated when anyone enters her room.  Al asked that there be No Visitors or Phone calls at this time!  Will update you when we hear news. 
Thank you,Dave & Marlene

Praise the Lord for our 15-year-old friend Noah whose blood platelet production has increased tremendously since his last treatment.  The situation is not yet normal but it is much closer to normal than it has been for six months.  Please continue to pray for his full recovery.   Noah's 16-year old brother Jack suffered a serious concussion two weeks ago in a soccer game.  Since that time he has had to be in a dark room 24/7 with no activity whatsoever:  no TV,  reading or anything else.  He has been told that there is no other cure and he must remain in that state until he is well.  He has  been very uncomfortable and  has also missed two weeks of school.  Please pray for his speedy and complete recovery.  
Howard and Darlene Goldhammer

Prayers of healing for my cousin Terry Meymandi, she suffered a heart attack last week this was her second one within the past 2 years.  From what I have been told she is doing fine she had a shunt put in to unclog one of arteries that was blocked, that is all I know at this time, I don't even know if she is home from the hospital. 
God Bless,  Van

Prayers of praise and thanksgiving for Mary Dorr's sister, Joyce Christiansen-  she is home from the hospital after a knee replacement.  The blood clot is dissolved.  Please pray that she will be able to be taken off the blood thinner as soon as possible.  She is very thankful and appreciative of all your prayers.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Please Pray for Melody as she is in the hospital for testing.They did find an infection in her lungs, and are keeping watch that it doesn't turn into pneumonia! They prefer she has no visitor's at this time as she needs a lot of rest.
Marlene & Dave Mueller

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Please pray for my sister Barbara.  Her jawbone on one side has deteriorated and keeps slipping out of place.  Just talking and eating is painful.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctor and dentist to determine a treatment plan.  Also her insurance won't cover this and she has to pay out of pocket. 
Thank you.  Gloria Day

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Healing and comfort

Prayers for my friend's father, Bruce Kieft, and his family.  Bruce was recently diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer.  Please, pray for both successful surgery and treatment, and comfort for the entire Kieft family.  Heartfelt thanks, Julie Ramirez


Please pray for Heather's sister in law, Diana Garcia.  She will have a breast biopsy on Thursday.  Also, pray for Heather's director.  She had a lumpectomy last week and is waiting for the test results.  Please pray that they both get good news and no other treatment will be needed. Thank you.

Gloria Day


Prayer request from CLS family… Prayers of healing for Rosario Cruz who has a brain tumor....pray for guidance for the doctors; also for Dina Cruz who will have thyroid surgery.


Prayers of thanksgiving for successful surgery for Cindy Suppus' sister Kim.


Prayers of healing for Trevor Contier's baseball buddy Aaron Dahl, who had his appendix removed yesterday. 


I've had many of you call in for Ann Marie's address…

8350 Cypress Court

Dublin, CA  94568

Monday, October 1, 2012


Prayers for successful surgery for Cindy Suppus' sister, Kim who just went in to the OR at Stanford for surgery on her spine.